Author: William MacDonald
Copyright: 1993
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 1-882701-05-4
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
Size: 101 pp
Weight: 0.3

Worlds Apart

$ 8.00

Biblical insights into the battlefield where two kingdoms vie for loyalties. There is the kingdom that the Bible calls "the world" and there is the kingdom of God—they are worlds apart.

Worlds Apart is a battle plan calling the church to action. With the author, we tour the battlefield, inspect the armory, meet the combatants, and learn the strategies for victory.

William MacDonald speaks plainly about the key issues of Christianity. He has written more than eighty books, many of which have been translated into scores of languages. His Bible teaching ministry has encompassed the globe.

Table of Contents:

  1. The World: A Kingdom of Darkness
  2. The Kingdom that Matters
  3. The Evil Emperor of the World
  4. King Jesus!
  5. The World's Citizens
  6. Citizens of the Holy Kingdom
  7. What the World Offers
  8. All this and Heaven Too
  9. Different Faces of the World
  10. Two Wisdoms: Vivid Contrasts
  11. Modus Operandi
  12. The Weapons of Our Warfare
  13. The World's Empty Honors
  14. Honors that Matter
  15. The Man of the World
  16. The Man of God
  17. What about Social Concerns?
  18. Conclusion