Author: Kuhn, Isobel
Copyright: 2001
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 1-929122-11-X
Publisher: OMF International
Size: 122 pp
Weight: 0.4

Whom God Has Joined

$ 8.50

John and Isobel Kuhn were two ordinary people who made an extraordinary committment—to put "God first." With transparent honesty and humor, Isobel shares stories from her life as a missionary wife in China. Her exuberance and colorful style make those far-away places seem as close as next door, while her deep faith in God speaks to the deep needs we all experience. 


  1. Anticipation
  2. Getting Married is Not a Private Affair After All
  3. What Comes First?
  4. How to Develop a Taste for Bean Curd
  5. His Wonderful CookAs Viewed by Her
  6. Speech Seasoned with Salt
  7. John Becomes "Daddy"
  8. Counting Raindrops
  9. Unwanted Assignment
  10. Beginnings at Yungping
  11. The Forgotten Cloak
  12. A Hard Day
  13. A Glimpse of Storybook Land
  14. A Parting That Did Not Part
  15. The Thing With the Stuff in It
  16. Furlough Without Baggage (1936)
  17. Working the Thing That is Good
  18. Home Town
  19. The Ticklish Question
What Happened After