Author: Havner, Vance
Copyright: 2003
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 978-0-8254-2873-9
Publisher: Kregel
Size: 142 pp
Weight: .4

When God Breaks Through: Sermons on Revival

$ 10.00

Vance Havner spent a lifetime calling people to repentance. A popular revivalist known for his homespun storytelling and memorable wordplay, Havner boldly proclaimed the Word of God for seventy-three years. The author of more than thirty books, Havner’s sermons are favorites among pastors who find his style refreshing, his quotes memorable, and his message convincing. In this collection of ten revival sermons, Havner’s hard-hitting words proclaim the biblical message of heaven, hell, sin, repentance, sacrifice, holiness, prayer, and the lordship of Christ—themes that resonate with as much relevance today as when Havner first preached them.

Compiled and edited by Dennis J. Hester.

142 pp.