Author: Fugate, J Richard
Copyright: 1980, 1996
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 1-889700-13-4
Publisher: Foundation for Biblical Research
Size: 326 pp
Weight: 0.9

What the Bible Says About Child Training - Parenting with Confidence

$ 13.00

Based on the concept that the Bible is sufficient to equip parents for the important job of raising their children. The result of years of experience, as well as many hours of personal Bible study, this book takes a no-nonsense, hands-on approach. Fugate provides practical tips to parents on how to lovingly yet biblically fulfill their God-given role without resorting to philosophy, psychology, sociology, or public opinion.

Being a parent is a difficult and often bewildering challenge. There are so many conflicting theories about child training that even the reputed "experts" disagree with each other. The need for clear guidelines for parents to be successful in child training is dramatically evident in our world today. What the Bible Says About Child Training will help parents to better understand their role and to discover the mechanics for successfully raising children. The unique aspect of this book is that the author accepts the Bible as absolute truth and infinitely superior to any human system of thinking. The system of child training presented herein has been used by over 100,000 families with dramatic results, thus providing the proof that testifies of all truth—IT WORKS! Richard Fugate accepted Christ as his Savior in 1968 at the age of 28. Three years later he totally committed himself to serve God whenever he was called. Since then he has studied the Bible under several Dallas Theological Seminary graduates; learned Greek; and founded the Foundation for Biblical Research "to determine the one, true meaning of Scripture." All of Mr. Fugate's materials are based on that research.

Table of Contents

  1. What Do I Do Now
  2. God's Promises to Parent
  3. Parental Accountabilit
  4. Principles of Authority
  5. Parental Authorit
  6. Parental Responsibility
  7. The Child's Nature
  8. The Ages of a Child
  9. What Child Training Means
  10. Negative Training
  11. The Two Facets of Child Training
  12. What Control Means
  13. Where Do I Begin?
  14. Evaluating the Conflict
  15. Rebellion
  16. Chastisement
  17. The Correct Use of Chastisement
  18. Control Is Essential to Child Training
  19. What Teaching Means
  20. Punishment
  21. Standards
  22. Rebuke
  23. Guilt and Confession
  24. Forgiveness
  25. Examples