Author: Hession, Roy and Revel
Copyright: 1958
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 978-087508-586-9
Publisher: CLC Publications
Size: 154 pp
Weight: 0.3

We Would See Jesus

$ 6.50

We Would See Jesus is an amplification of Roy Hession's classic, The Calvary Road. The Lord Jesus has come to take from us every yoke of bondage, to set us free to serve Him in the freshness and spontaneity of the Spirit, and to receive the abundant blessing God has for us.

"There are a number of Christian classics which deserve at least a second or third reading. Books that convicted us so much we couldn't sleep at night. Books that moved us to tears with our first reading and that challenged us to raise the bar on our faith journey while encouraging us to move closer to Jesus. We Would See Jesus is one of these remarkable books." —Randall Murphree, editor of the AFA Journal

Table of Contents

  1. Seeing God—The Purpose of Life
  2. Seeing God in the Face of Jesus Christ
  3. Seeing Jesus as All We Need
  4. Seeing Jesus as the Truth
  5. Seeing Jesus as the Door
  6. Sinai or Calvary?
  7. Seeing Jesus as the Way
  8. Seeing Jesus as the End
  9. Seeing Jesus—For Others