Author: Andrew Murray
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 978-0-88368-101-5
Publisher: Whitaker House
Size: 138 pp
Weight: 0.2

Waiting on God

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How often the "busyness" of life creeps up and overwhelms us. Rather than having to depend on our own strength, it is our Christian privilege to enter into God's presence. As we do, He will supply answers to our problems and give direction for our lives.

In this book you will discover:

  • That God will supply your every need
  • How to grow spiritually
  • God's limitless power in answering prayer
  • The way to intercede successfully for others
  • How to rest in God's everlasting strength

Andrew Murray shares thirty-one powerful meditations—one for each day of the month. They will renew your vision and provide new strength as you find answers for your problems and live the victorious life God planned for you.


  1. The God of Our Salvation
  2. The Keynote of Life
  3. The True Place of Man
  4. For Supplies
  5. For Instruction
  6. For All Saints
  7. A Plea in Prayer
  8. Strong and of Good Courage
  9. With the Heart
  10. In Humble Fear and Hope
  11. Patiently
  12. Keeping His Ways
  13. For More Than We Know
  14. The Way to the New Song
  15. For His Counsel
  16. And His Light in the Heart
  17. In Times of Darkness
  18. To Reveal Himself
  19. As a God of Judgment
  20. Who Waits on Us
  21. The Almighty One
  22. Its Certainty of Blessing
  23. For Unlooked-for Things