Author: McMahon, TA
Format: Audio CD
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 53 min, pub 2011
Weight: 0.2

The Value of Suffering

$ 5.00

A lesson and testimony from T. A. McMahon - CD audio presentation with booklet!

The question of “suffering”—both personal and corporate—is often raised by skeptics within and without the church. “Why God?” is the cry. “How long, O Lord?” T. A. McMahon is now blessed to testify not only to the goodness and provision of God but also to the joy—and yes, the value—of suffering. Having endured a difficult season of numerous medical procedures and cancer scares (including all the attendant “joys” associated with a colectomy to remove what proved to be a large benign tumor), T. A.’s message provides biblical comfort and godly insight into the all-consuming “question” of suffering.

Recorded at Calvary Chapel Bend.

Included with the CD — T. A. McMahon’s 2010 May newsletter article: "The Value of Suffering," a great companion to the CD presentation.