Author: Fields, Weston
Copyright: 1976, 2005
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 0-89051-423-2
Publisher: Master Books
Size: 245 pp
Weight: 0.6

Unformed and Unfilled - A Critique of the Gap Theory

$ 11.00

The story from the Bible has never changed: God created everything from nothing in six days, only a few thousand years ago. Somewhere along the way, "science" stated that the earth is millions of years old, and adamantly stuck to its story. In an attempt to reconcile this huge difference between Scripture and science, some Christians came up with a creation of their own: the gap theory

In this important book, author Weston Fields makes a detailed study of the gap theory, the belief that a time gap of millions of years lies between the first two verses of Genesis. Paying particular attention to the original Hebrew language of Genesis, Fields' conclusion and explanations will benefit every Christian leader and layperson.

  • A professional, scholarly work that can be easily understood by laymen
  • A presentation of a variety of views espoused by Christians of all denominations
  • A fascinating study of the original Hebrew text
  • A classic work still relevant today

"A brilliant, scholarly refutation of the famed gap theory." —Ken Ham, president, Answers in Genesis



  1. Historical Interpretations
  2. Grammatical and Linguistical Observations
  3. Other Creation Therories
  4. The Young Earth: Indications of Recent Creation