Author: William Law, edited by Dave Hunt
Copyright: 2015
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-61958-198-2
Publisher: CLC Publications
Size: 185 pp
Weight: .5 lb

The Power of the Spirit

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This special commemorative edition of The Power of the Spirit by William Law was compiled and edited by Dave Hunt nearly 50 years ago while he was living in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Copyrighted by Christian Literature Crusade (now CLC publications) in 1971, this exclusive TBC edition has been gently edited to restore some of Dave's original remarks that were lost in later editions. 

Readers will appreciate the introduction, which communicates Dave's gratitude for classic Christian literature — writings that powerfully impacted his faith and served as inspiration for his own persuasive way of thinking, writing, and speaking biblically.  As Dave notes in the introduction, "Law's writings declare with an irresistible power and logic that Christianity is indeed founded upon unchangeable truth."  One aspect of this irrevocable reality is the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church, as well as the lives of all believers.

Table of Contents


  1. The Indwelling Spirit of God Essential to Salvation
  2. The Gospel: A Ministration of the Spirit
  3. Worship of the Letter: A Denial of the Spirit
  4. The Wisdom of This World Denies the Spirit
  5. The Holy Spirit's Continuous Inspiration
  6. The Church: A Habitation of the Spirit
  7. The True Unity of the Holy Spirit
  8. Christ Lives in Us by His Spirit
  9. Natural Reason Opposes the Spirit
  10. The Unpardonable Sin Against the Holy Spirit
  11. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit
  12. True Wisdom and Knowledge Alone by the Spirit
  13. Self and Its Pride Oppose the Spirit
  14. Reformation and Revival by the Spirit
  15. Victory Over Sin Through the Power of the Spirit
  16. Faith and Works Are One in the Spirit

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