Author: McMahon, Cahill, Martin, Showers, Wilkinson, James
Copyright: 2012
Format: Audio CD/MP3
MSRP: 79.99/39.99
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 15 CDs, 1 MP3, 2 Vol., 13+ hrs
Weight: 1.4/0.2

2012 Conference Complete CD/MP3

$ 18.00

The complete 2012 TBC Conference featuring T. A. McMahon, David James, Paul Wilkinson, Renald Showers, Jobe Martin, and Mark Cahill. 

  • Mark Cahill: "Watchman on the Wall," "Reaching the Lost Now," and "You Plus the Holy Spirit"
  • Jobe Martin: "Why Should the Christian Worldview Be Grounded in Creation?" "Evidences for a Special Creation," and "Preparing Your Children to Enter a Secular Institution of Higher Learning"
  • Renald Showers: "The Rapture of the Church," "The Future of Israel, Part One," and "The Future of Israel, Part Two"
  • Paul Wilkinson: "The Church at Christ's Checkpoint," "Journey to the Centre of the Earth," and "The Spirit and the Bride Say, Come"
  • T. A. McMahon: "Jesus Gets Tough"
  • David James: "A Matter of Critical Discernment"
  • Q and A featuring all speakers

Available on CD or MP3, 13+ hours.