Author: Herzig, Steve
Format: Digital Video Disc
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 1 disc, 100 mins
Weight: 0.2

2010 Conference Steve Herzig DVD

$ 10.50

Steve Herzig speaks on Israel: Past, Present, and Future, and Israel: A Good Country in a Bad Neighborhood at TBC's 2010 Summer Conference in Bend, Oregon.

Steve is a Hebrew-Christian who was raised in Orthodox Judaism. He came to know the Lord through a believing sister and brother-in-law and through the ministry of The Friends of Israel. He enrolled in Bible college, worked part-time with the Mission, and later directed the summer program, where he met his wife, Alice. Steve was appointed Director of North American Ministries in 1996. He contributes to Israel, My Glory, has produced a video, Christ in the Passover, and teaches the "How-to's of Jewish Evangelism" at churches and conferences. He has written two books on Jewish culture and customs.