Author: Lisle, Dr Jason
Copyright: 2006
Format: Book
ISBN: 978-0-8905-1471-9
Publisher: Master Books
Size: 128 pp
Weight: 1.2

Taking Back Astronomy

$ 15.00

"The heavens declare the glory of God" begins Psalm 19. Further, there is no "speech nor language" where their voice is not heard (verse 3). Evolutionary theory would seek to still that voice. This helpful hardcover volume is written in simple, yet non-compromising language to challenge evolution in this most important arena. Filled with fascinating photographs and illustrations, this book provides answers and evidence for any person struggling to reconcile science and the Bible.

People have been fascinated by the stars for centuries, looking to them for guidance and in awe. Unfortunately, modern evolutionary thinking in astronomy has caused many people to disconnect from the Bible's view of history, as they are taught that the universe is millions or even billions of years old. Taking Back Astronomy shows that the billions of evolutionary years taught in public schools are unnecessary and that one need only to look to the Creator of the Bible to explain the origin of the stars and the universe. Taking Back Astronomy is:

  • Written for the lay person by a qualified writer
  • Filled with fascinating photographs and illustrations for easy comprehension of subject matter
  • Filled with interesting facts like: Did you know that the moon is only about the same size as the continental United States?


  1. The Splendor of God's Creation
  2. The Universe Confirms the Bible
  3. The Age of the Universe
  4. The Bible and Modern Astronomy
  5. War of the Worldviews