Author: Hunt/McMahon
Format: DVD RAM
Publisher: The Berean Call
Weight: 0.3

Search the Scriptures Daily Collection

$ 199.00

This space-saving library contains all of the programs included in our 10-album MP3 series on Compact Disc. The compressed audio files are identical, but re-mastered on DVD-RAM media. Please note that these are not video files, and that these discs will not play in audio CD players. These DVD-RAM discs will play in most newer DVD players, allowing you to use the TV screen and remote control to locate the year and program you wish to play. Virtually all newer computers with a DVD drive will also play these discs, which will enable you to copy the MP3 files to your computer, iPod, or other personal, portable MP3 player for your convenience. This option is designed for those who primarily use their computer or portable MP3 device for listening, and who want the same content on the fewest number of discs possible. This special archival series also includes our FREE, limited edition, Double DVD set of The Best of STSD for your viewing enjoyment, featuring favorite broadcasts from 2007 and 2008 of Dave and T. A., shot while recording for broadcast in TBC’s radio studio.