Author: Tozer, A W
Format: Book
Publisher: WingSpread (now under Moody)
Size: 168 pp
Weight: 0.6

The Size of the Soul - Principles of Revival and Spiritual Growth

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This collection of editorials was written while A. W. Tozer was editor of Alliance Life. Known throughout the world—his editorials were printed simultaneously in Great Britain—Tozer had a pithy writing style and a keen prophetic eye to the condition of the church. This 12th book of editorials covers such topics as:

  • The steps to revival
  • The needed reformation
  • The Christian's hope
  • The causes of religious confusion
  • The need for prophetic insight


  • What About Revival?
  • The Use and Abuse of Good Books
  • Who Does the Work of God?
  • Not Too Many but the Wrong Kind
  • Words without Meaning Are Idle Words
  • A Needed Reformation
  • Perpetual Sacrifice or Perpetual Efficacy?
  • The Corrosive Effects of a Fretful Spirit
  • No Sin Is Private
  • Zeal: What Does It Prove?
  • Hope: The Universal Treasure
  • The Church Wins a Pyrrhic Victory
  • Let No One Rob You of Your Christian Confidence
  • The Causes of Religious Confusion
  • The Problem of Numbers
  • Not Papal Infallibility, But the Witness
  • The Gift of Prophetic Insight Imperative Today
  • Optimist or Pessimist?
  • We Are All Heretics by Nature
  • The Shadow of Consequences
  • It Is Essential That We Think Like God
  • The New Birth Is a Myster
  • Christian--Or Only a Student of Christianity?
  • A Word About Superstition
  • More About Superstition
  • Thankful? Yes, But to Whom?
  • Not Peace, But a Sword
  • Root Out of a Dry Ground
  • Strength from the Indwelling Spirit
  • Divine Love Is Neither Blind Nor Dumb
  • What Easter is About