Author: Dr Jerry Benjamin
Copyright: 2001
Format: Booklet
MSRP: 4.95
Publisher: Dr Jerry Benjamin
Size: 56 pp
Weight: 0.2

Simply Singular - Is Christ Prominent or Preeminent?

$ 4.50

Preeminence is different than prominence. Prominence suggests, “one among many.” Preeminence, however, conveys the truth that there is no one else. Every wife desires that place in her husband’s love, but in a far greater and deeper way, the Lord Jesus Christ is to have the preeminence in and over everything in our lives.

“We are pleased that TBC is offering a number of Jerry Benjamin’s booklets in the Little Nuggets Series. To quote the author, ‘The writings are intended to introduce sinners to the Savior and to refresh and strengthen the spirits of the saints.’ We strongly recommend that these booklets be in every Christian’s devotional library.” —Ruth Hunt