Author: T A McMahon
Copyright: 2005
Format: Audio Book
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 256 min
Weight: 0.4

Showtime for the Sheep?

$ 9.75

Read by T. A. McMahon

Could the church be enthralled with something that might have a host of problems beyond just a popular motion picture about Jesus Christ? T. A. observed a connection between The Passion and trends taking place among professing Bible believers such as the increasing use of entertainment in presenting the gospel, the ecumenical relationship between Catholics and Evangelicals, the use of imagery verging on idolatry, and the major drift away from the objective Word of God to highly subjective visual media. 

Table of Contents:

  • Showtime for the Sheep?
  • Is the Medium the Message?
  • Amusing Ourselves Away from the Word?
  • Lost in Translation?
  • Is It As It Was?
  • Experiencing Mel's Vision
  • The Vision Mix
  • The Man Who Would Be Jesus
  • Images of Another Jesus?
  • Mary, the Executive Producer?
  • Another Gospel?
  • Sheep Fed by the Hireling?
  • ECT at the Movies?
  • Lights, Camera, Salvation?
  • Yes, But... and Beyond
  • Man's Way or God's Way?

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