Author: Lloyd-Jones, Martyn
Copyright: 1991
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-58134-675-6
Publisher: Crossway Books
Size: 172 pp
Weight: .5

Seeking the Face of God

$ 15.00

The Psalms are treasures from those who earnestly sought the face of God. They are honest messages of sorrow, joy, praise, and wisdom from real people who experienced real struggles. In the psalmists' words we see their hearts open before God.

In Seeking the Face of God, Martyn Lloyd-Jones unpacks nine passages from the Psalms and weaves them together with the everyday life of the world in which we live. His reflections are practical, powerful, and profound.

For those just beginning to study the Psalms as well as those who know them well and wish to consider them from a new angle, this collection of sermons from one of the greatest preachers of the twentieth century will move your mind to greater understanding and your heart to deeper worship.

MARTYN LLOYD-JONES (1899-1981), minister of Westminster Chapel in London for 30 years, was one of the foremost preachers of his day. His many books have brought profound spiritual encouragement to millions around the world.   


  1. The Folly of Unbelief
  2. Dead Religion
  3. The Sparrow and the Swallow
  4. The Highway of God
  5. Limiting God
  6. Thou Art My God
  7. Seeking Certainty
  8. Always in His Presence
  9. Seeking the Face of God