Author: Dave Hunt
Copyright: 2005
Format: Audio Book
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 220 min
Weight: 0.3

Seeking and Finding God

$ 9.75

Read by Mark Dinsmore

It is astonishing how many millions of otherwise seemingly intelligent people are willing to risk their eternal destiny upon less evidence than they would require for buying a car—yet the belief of so many, particularly in the area of religion, has no rational foundation. With compelling proofs, this book demonstrates that the issue of where one will spend eternity is not a matter of preference. Some of the content of this book was derived from An Urgent Call to A Serious Faith.


  • The Necessity of Certainty
  • Of God and Human Destiny
  • Of Bodies and Spirits
  • In Search of the True Faith
  • Shortcut to Truth
  • Facing the Facts
  • Prophetic Proof
  • Concerning Prayer
  • What is the Gospel?
  • Mercy vs. Works
  • The Call to Discipleship

Available on CD or MP3, 3.5 hours.