Author: Hunt/McMahon
Copyright: 2009
Format: DVD
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 120 min
Weight: 0.3

The Seduction of Christianity

$ 10.00

Digitally remastered footage shot exclusively to address concerns raised in the author's best-selling book,The Seduction of Christianity. Each segment contains an in-depth discussion of New Age concepts such as mind power, mind control, New Thought, selfism, pantheism, Atheism, pragmatism, psychological techniques and many other topics.

FAITH - Discusses mind power, mind control, works, New Thought, getting answers to prayer, and more (30 minutes)

SELF - Can the meaning of life be found in the center of man's being? Or is our value and purpose to be found in Christ alone? (30 minutes)

GODHOOD - Scriptures clarify the meaning of one God, contrasted with such beliefs as pantheism (30 minutes)

HUMANISM - Atheism, New Age thinking, pragmatism, psychological techniques, and self-esteem (30 minutes)


Four video programs on one DVD.