Author: Dale Ratzlaff
Copyright: 2010
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 978-0-9747679-8-7
Publisher: LAM Publications
Size: 418 pp
Weight: 1.4

Sabbath in Christ

$ 21.00

Sabbath in Christ is a thorough, inductive, biblical study of the Sabbath, the covenants, the law, and the gospel. It is considered to be the most readable book on the Sabbath topic in print and is endorsed by many leading theologians. Sabbath in Christ is the result of years of study and has helped thousands find the truth on the Sabbath question.

Table of Contents:

  1. Sabbath Questions
  2. The Seventh Day in Genesis
  3. The Abrahamic Covenant
  4. The Old Covenant
  5. Shadows of Christ
  6. The New Covenant
  7. Jesus and Ritual Law
  8. Jesus and Old Covenant Moral Laws
  9. Jubilee Sabbath
  10. Lord of the Sabbath
  11. Sabbath Conflicts
  12. The Paradox of Sabbath Law
  13. Sabbath in Acts
  14. Sabbath in the Epistles
  15. New Covenant Documents and Signs
  16. A Better Covenant
  17. A Better Law
  18. Jesus, the Law's Fulfillment
  19. The Rest That Remains
  20. Righteousness Beyond the Law
  21. Life in the Spirit
  22. The First Day of the Week
  23. Sabbath Fulfillment in Christ
  24. Sabbath Arguments
  25. The Sabbath and Seventh-day Adventists
  26. Assembling and Resting
  27. The Testing Truth