Author: Webster, William
Copyright: 1999
Format: Book
ISBN: 1-893531-01-5
Publisher: Christian Resources
Size: 80 pp
Weight: 0.3

Roman Catholic Tradition - Claims and Contradictions

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A fully documented survey and comparison of the teachings and claims of Catholicism against the truth of Scripture and the facts of history. Deals with issues such as the papacy, Mary, baptism, and much more. Presented in short, easy-to-read segments.


  1. The Authority of Scripture
  2. Tradition
  3. The Canon
  4. The Papacy
  5. Unanimous Consent
  6. and Infallible Interpretation
  7. Mary
  8. Necessity of the Church and Sacraments for Salvation
  9. The Priesthood
  10. Baptism
  11. The Eucharist
  12. Confession and Penance
  13. Purgatory
  14. Indulgences
  15. No Salvation Outside the Roman Catholic Church
  16. Justification
  17. Summary and Conclusion