Author: Dr Renald Showers
Format: Digital Video Disc
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 3 discs, 145 min
Weight: 0.3

2012 Conference Renald Showers DVD

$ 15.75

2012 TBC Conference talks from Dr. Renald Showers of Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry:

  • "The Rapture of the Church"
  • "The Future of Israel, Part One"
  • "The Future of Israel, Part Two"

Dr. Renald Showers: Dr. Showers is an author and international conference speaker for the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc. His books include: What on Earth is God Doing?, There Really is a Difference, and Maranatha: Our Lord, Come! Dr. Showers has served in the pastorate and as a member of the faculties of Lancaster Bible College, Moody Bible Institute, and Philadelphia College of the Bible. You can find The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry online at

Also available as a complete set!