Author: George Muller
Copyright: 2000
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 978-0-88368-795-6
MSRP: 11.99
Publisher: Whitaker House
Size: 141 pp
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Release the Power of Prayer

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George Müller was the worst of sinners—a thief and a liar. But after turning to Christ, he provided for over 10,000 orphans—without ever asking anyone but God to supply his needs! He testified that he knew of at least 50,000 specific answers to his prayers. Here are his reports of a few of the most spectacular ones.

From his amazing personal experiences, you will find the secret to receiving miraculous answers to your prayers.

From the Introduction:

...Even so, George Müller was not content to think that God had accomplished all He was going to do through him. He began to dream about establishing a house for orphans, and on November 21, 1835, he felt led to begin making plans. On April 11, 1836, the first house was opened at 6 Wilson Street to care for seventeen children. Soon thirty girls lived with the Müllers. Before long, George bought a second house at 1 Wilson Street which was soon filled with thirty infants. A third house at 3 Wilson Street came available the next year, and it became home to about forty boys, seven years of age or older. The ministry at the orphan homes on Wilson Street expanded until the need to relocate became inevitable. Eventually, God would multiply the work until it would touch the lives of over ten thousand orphans. God transformed George Müller, a little boy who stole from his earthly father, into a man who could be trusted with the resources of his heavenly Father.

Table of Contents:

  1. Early Days of the Orphan Work
  2. The New Orphanages at Ashley Down
  3. Precious Answers to Prayer
  4. Conditions of Prevailing Prayer
  5. Müller’s Method of Reading the Scriptures
  6. How to Determine the Will of God
  7. Proving the Acceptable Will of God
  8. God’s Way
  9. Advice on Rising Early
  10. Müller’s Ninetieth Birthday
  11. A God-Glorifying Testimony
  12. The Ministry Continues