Author: Reaching Catholics for Christ
Format: Audio MP3
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 40 hours
Weight: 0.7

Reaching Catholics for Christ Conferences

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NEW! Digitally Remastered! Mp3 Archives Series:

  • Reaching Catholics For Christ Conferences in One 4 CD set in Mp3!
  • "ECT Plus 5," a look at the state of ecumenism since the signing of Evangelicals and Catholics Together;
  • "The Reformation: Is It Still Relevant," challenges the compromises by evangelicals to "reconcile" with the Roman Church;
  • "Religious Babylon and Endtime Prophecy," a fascinating look at how the ecumenical movement has compromised God's Word and how it fits into 'Last Days Prophecies'.
Many hours of great teaching from great teachers: Dave Hunt, T. A. McMahon, Mike Gendron, Jim McCarthy, Greg Durel, John Ankerberg, Joe Jordan, Richard Bennett, S. Lewis Johnson, Michael McDuffee, David Nelson, Winston Mazakis and others, including Q&A sessions and panel discussions.