Author: Jeremiah Burroughs
Copyright: 1964
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 9-780851-510910
Publisher: Banner of Truth
Size: 232 pp
Weight: 0.6

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

$ 8.50

Jeremiah Burroughs's writings, some published before and others after his death, were numerous, but The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment is one of the most valuable of them all. The author wanted to promote peace among believers of various "persuasions," and to bring peace and contentment into the hearts of individual believers during what he describes as "sad and sinking times." The Rare Jewel concentrates upon this second aim. It is marked by clarity, aptness of illustration, and warmth of appeal to the heart. "There is an ark that you may come into, and no men in the world may live such comfortable, cheerful and contented lives as the saints of God." Burroughs presses his lesson home with all the fervor and cogency of a true and faithful minister of God.


  1. Christian Contentment Described
  2. The Mystery of Contentment
  3. They Mystery of Contentment--continued
  4. The Mystery of Contentment--concluded
  5. How Christ Teaches Contentment
  6. How Christ Teaches Contentment--concluded
  7. The Excellence of Contentment
  8. The Evils of a Murmuring Spirit
  9. The Evils of a Murmuring Spirit--concluded
  10. Aggravations of the Sin of Murmuring
  11. The Excuses of a Discontented Heart
  12. How to Attain Contentment
  13. How to Attain Contentment--concluded