Author: Gendron, Mike
Format: Book
ISBN: 9780875094977
Publisher: Proclaiming the Gospel
Size: 240 pp, pub 2011
Weight: 0.7

Preparing for Eternity

$ 15.00

Most people devote much time researching and investigating important issues before making a decision or reaching a conclusion. Yet when faced with the most important issue of their earthly life, "where will I spend eternity?", they appear to be unconcerned or disinterested. Since God does not promise anyone tomorrow and man's eternal destiny is sealed at death, would it not be wise to investigate these things? This book helps you do just that by contrasting the truth of God's Word with the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.

Evangelist Mike Gendron, a 1992 graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, has been equipping and encouraging Christians to be faithful witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ for over 20 years. Mike has ministered in hundreds of churches and seminaries throughout the world.


  1. The Most Trustworthy Authority
  2. Knowledge of the Truth
  3. Salvation Proclaimed in the Gospel
  4. Forgiveness of Sin
  5. The Sacrifice of Jesus
  6. The Righteousness of God
  7. What Must I Do To Be Saved
  8. The Assurance of Eternal Life
  9. Religion vs. Relationship
  10. God's Truth vs. Satan's Lies
  11. The Catholic Mary vs. The Biblical Mary
  12. Catholic Traditions vs. God's Word
  13. A Catholic vs. A Christian
  14. The Apostolic vs. The Apostate Church
  15. The Sacrifice of the Mass: Blessing or Bondage?
  16. Eucharistic Adoration: Worship or Idolatry?
  17. Purgatory: Purifying Fire or Fatal Fable
  18. Examine Yourself, Are You in the Faith?
  19. No One Can Merit God's Grace
  20. We Must Get the Gospel Right
  21. The Greatest News Ever Told
  22. Hard Questions for Good Catholics
  23. Are You Prepared to Meet the Lord Jesus Christ?
  24. Answers to Questions from Catholics