Author: John Bunyan
Format: Book - Hardback
ISBN: 978-1-84550-102-0
Publisher: Christian Focus
Size: 191 pp
Weight: 1.4

Pilgrim's Progress

$ 17.50

Hardcover edition, perfect for reading aloud!

John Bunyan could be said to have authored one of the most influential books in the English language. But The Pilgrim's Progress is so much more than an historical novel. Bunyan's plan for his readers is for them to travel through this book as an adventure through the Christian life—retold on paper and in pictures. The story of Christian and his companions has been a favorite for generations. John Bunyan's imaginative text brings out the same, practical, necessary lessons that everyone needs to know—both today and yesterday.

Additional features and study sections have been included to help today's generation of children understand the book. These will help you to get behind some of the characters and places that Bunyan describes. You will also learn about Bunyan himself through a 'life summary' and get some ideas on how to use this book. A small number of archaic words have been changed to modern equivalents and there is a dictionary and footnotes to provide additional help. This means that Christian and Faithful talk like the medieval travellers they are, and not like modern day tourists, but you can also get what they are on about!

Illustrated by some of the best lithographic artists from the 19th century, including Frederick Barnard, J. D. Linton, W. Small, J. D. Watson and J. Wolf, this is a lovingly produced classic version of The Pilgrim's Progress.

Table of Contents:

  1. Editor's Notes
  2. The Author's Apology for his Book
  3. The City of Destruction
  4. The Wicked-gate
  5. The Palace Beautiful
  6. Apollyon
  7. Faithful
  8. Vanity Fair
  9. Giant Despair
  10. The Delectable Mountains
  11. The Highway to the City
  12. The Celestial City
  13. Conclusion
  14. Life Summary: John Bunyan
  15. Places of Interest
  16. John Bunyan Time Line
  17. Further Study
  19. Pilgrim's Progress Dictionary
  20. Unusual Phrases