Author: Mrs O F Walton
Copyright: 1997
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 1-881545-95-4
Publisher: AB Publishing
Size: 255 pp
Weight: 0.6

A Peep Behind the Scenes

$ 5.00

Behind many smiling faces there are hurting hearts, and behind things that are attractive and alluring, there is usually a high price to pay. A favorite of Ruth Hunt's, this is an excellent book to teach discernment and reinforce the biblical truth that there is no real, no true, no lasting joy in anything of this world. But to the believer, there is the certainty that in the Lord Jesus Christ there is safety and the only way to true happiness. You will understand why 2.5 million copies were printed in 1850! Ages 9+

Table of Contents
  1. Rosalie
  2. The Little Theatre
  3. The Day After the Fair
  4. The Actress's Story
  5. Rosalie's First Sermon
  6. A Family Secret
  7. The Circus Procession
  8. Little Mother Manikin
  9. The Doctor's Visit
  10. Britannia
  11. The Mother's Dream
  12. A Lone Lamb
  13. Vanity Fair
  14. Betsey Ann
  15. Life in the Lodging-House
  16. A Dark Time
  17. Alone in the World
  18. The Little Pitcher
  19. Skirrywinks
  20. Mother Manikin's Chairs
  21. In Sight of Home
  22. The Lost Lamb Found
  23. The Green Pasture