Author: Merryman, Ron
Format: Book
Publisher: Merryman Ministries
Size: 124 pp
Weight: 1.1

Millennial Eschatology: The Triumphant Kingdom of Messiah

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This introduction to “Last Things” in the Bible examines and resolves the issues of Old Testament eschatology as it relates to New Testament eschatology; excellent graphs and illustrations throughout.


Old Testament Eschatology

  • Introduction to O.T. Eschatology: The Problem That Perplexed the Prophets
  • O.T. Eschatology: An Overview
  • Introduction to the Day of the Lord
  • Prophecy of the day of the Lord: Six Basics
  • Prophecy of the Triumphant Kingdom in the O.T.
  • Other Eschatological Prophiecies in the O.T.
  • Summary: O.T. Eschatology
  • Addendum A: Six Purposes of the Great Tribulation Period
  • Addendum B: Comparisons of the Visions of Daniel 2 & 7
  • Addendum C: The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9:24-27

New Testament Eschatology

  • Introduction to New Testament Eschatology
  • Old Testament Eschatology Clarified by the New Testament
  • Five Doctrinal Basics on the Triumphant Kingdom
  • Ten Point Summary of Jesus' Teaching on the Kingdom
  • Jesus Predicts Eschatological Events
  • The Kingdom in the Book of Acts
  • Church Connectives & Non-connectives with the Kingdom
  • New Testament Eschatology Clarifies that of the Old
  • Does the Church have its own Scriptural Eschatology?
  • Day of the Lord in New Testament Eschatology
  • The King & the Kingdom in the Book of Revelation
  • An Historical Overview of Eschatology
  • Premillennial Understandings Defended
  • Summary & Conclusion
  • Addendum A: The Transitional Nature of Acts
  • Addendum B: The Day of the Lord in Acts 2:16-21
  • Addendum C: Descruption of Antichrist in Scripture