Author: Hanford, Elizabeth Rice
Format: Book
Publisher: Sword of the Lord
Size: 97 pp, pub 1994
Weight: 0.3

Me? Obey Him?

$ 9.50

Written in 1972 and revised in 1994, Elizabeth Rice Handford’s Me? Obey Him? was recently reviewed by a number of married women on our staff. There is no question that marriage is under severe attack in our present day and it seems that the biblical exhortation to wives to submit to their own husbands is a common area of struggle. Can’t a woman be her own person and still be a good wife? Doesn’t she have rights as well? What if the man is truly wrong? Mrs. Handford answers all these questions and more.

We trust that this classic resource will provide sound counsel and encouragement to married women and also to those who hope to be married someday. Although many of the ideas expressed may be absolutely new to you and foreign to everything you have ever believed, we hope that you will find them absolutely faithful to the Scriptures! Because this area is fraught with opinion and prejudice, you’ll need to ask the Lord to open your heart and mind to the truth. Ask Him to show you exactly what He requires. Once the responsibility of submission is understood and practiced, the plan of God brings privileges, blessings, and joys that cannot be achieved any other way.


  1. Why Did God Command a Wife to Obey Her Husband?
  2. What Do the Scriptures Say About a Wife's Obedience?
  3. Does God Really Mean What He Says?
  4. The Bible Examples
  5. Don't I Have Any Rights?
  6. But What About the Problems?
  7. How to Appeal  a Bad Decision
  8. How to Enter In: Unconditional Surrender
  9. The Far-Reaching Consequences