Author: Ropes, Mary
Copyright: 2000
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 1-85792-568-8
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Size: 151 pp
Weight: 0.3

Mary Jones and her Bible

$ 8.50

This classic is the true story of a young girl whose strongest desire in life is to possess her very own Bible. Through determination, faith, prayer and a twenty-five mile barefoot walk, Mary does whatever it takes to obtain a copy of the Word of God.

Ages 7+


  1. At the Foot of the Mountain
  2. The One Great Need
  3. Coming to the Light
  4. Two Miles to a Bible
  5. Faithful in that which is least
  6. On the Way
  7. Tears that Prevail
  8. The Work Begun
  9. Youthful Promise Fulfilled
  10. Her Works do Follow Her