Author: William MacDonald
Copyright: 1980
Format: Booklet
ISBN: 0-937396-22-2
Publisher: ECS Ministries
Size: 47 pp
Weight: 0.15

Let Me Introduce You to the Bible

$ 4.50

A great little booklet to share with new believers. Mr. MacDonald begins with the assumption that his readers are unfamiliar with the Bible, but they want to learn about it. He uses readable, understandable descriptions that get right to the heart of learning about God's Word. 

Included are an overview of the entire Bible, the Old and New Testaments, and a brief description and synopsis of each book. An added bonus is the inclusion of smaller versions of the classic Bible maps and charts found in the Believer's Bible Commentary.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Bible as a Whole
  2. The Old Testament
  3. The New Testament