Author: McElveen, Floyd C
Format: Book
Publisher: Good News for LDS
Size: 476 pp + 1 DVD 90 min
Weight: 1.7

Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith

$ 15.00

Since its founding in 1830, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has insisted that it alone represents true Christianity and that all other churches professing the name of Christ are part of a “Great Apostasy.”

This book and companion DVD, seek to compare historical LDS teaching with God's Word. Features interviews with former members of the LDS Church who, at one time, believed very strongly that Joseph Smith was a true prophet sent by God to restore Christianity to the earth. When they realized that their presuppositions were not true they had to make some extremely difficult life-changing decisions.

Many people, even among LDS faithful, have a very limited understanding of what Mormon leaders have actually taught. Includes statements taken directly from LDS publications and speeches given by recognized authorities in the LDS Church. 

The Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith DVD Is Included!


  1. The Mormon Heaven
  2. The Choice: Joseph Smith or Jesus Christ
  3. Contrasts
  4. The Final and forever Choice
  5. Compelling Evidence
  6. Salvation: Clear and Biblical
  7. The Christ-Changed Life
  8. Letter to a Mormon Friend, Part 1
  9. Letter to a Mormon Friend, Part 2
  10. The Matchless Pearl
  11. Another Letter to My Mormon Friend, Part 3
  12. Another Letter to My Mormon Friend, Part 4
  13. Another Letter to My Mormon Friend, Part 5
  14. Another Letter to My Mormon Friend, Part 6
  15. Behind the Image
  16. God's Love Call
  17. My Introduction to Mormonism and to Christ
  18. Joseph Smith and the First Vision
  19. Joseph Smith--Prophet of God?
  20. The Book of Mormon--Joseph Smith's or God's
  21. Joseph Smith Tested as a Translator
  22. History, Archaeology, Anthropology and the Book of Mormon
  23. The Fatal Flaw
  24. The Truth About "Adam-God"
  25. Contradictions Concerning the Person of God
  26. Priesthood and Genealogies
  27. Some Distinctive But Dubious Doctrnes
  28. The One True Church
  29. The Final Authority
  30. Mormon Salvation
  31. Biblical Salvation
  32. The Way to Salvation
  33. Are You Sure that You are Going to Heaven?
  34. Is Water Baptism Necessary for Salvation?
  35. Shattering the Myth of Many Mormon Gods
  36. DyNAmite: DNA and the Book of Mormon
  37. Two Answers Everybody Needs to Know
  38. DNA Dynamites Mormon Answers
  39. A Brief Review
  40. An Appeal to the LDS Church Leaders
  41. Last Words in Love