Author: Trevor Baker
MSRP: 15.99
Publisher: Trevor Baker
Size: 1 CD

It's All In Place

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  1. You Don't LIve There Anymore
  2. They Won't Get In
  3. It Meant What It Said
  4. I Don't Understand
  5. Blend It
  6. Made to Order God
  7. You Don't Have the Right
  8. Connect the Dots
  9. Throw It All Away
  10. He Wrote How Great Thou Art
  11. I Don't Fit In
  12. It's All In Place

Lyrics from You Don't Have the Right

So you've been picked by God before all time began,
And He doesn't care about the soul of every man.
You'll get this message out to everyone you can
With bits and pieces of the Bible in your hand.
The arrogance that I hear in your voice
Proclaims that heaven is nobody's choice,
That God controls the human race like little toys.
But there's no logic in your words, it's only noise.

You may think the average Joe ain't got the smarts -
That we won't question all your ludicrous remarks.
But you're forgetting that God speaks to tender hearts,
And that's kinda where salvation really starts.

And then you tell me nothing happened on that night

When I cried to God and I received my sight.
Well, I'm sorry, sir, but you don't have the right
To be shading everything that's black and white.

Now, Mr. Washer, and all those like yourself,
Should be locked away on some forgotten shelf.
There are souls outside the gate, and it's almost twelve.
And that stuff you're trying to peddle sure don't help.

That smug look of yours sure gives you guys away.

It makes it hard to take in anything you say.
That smooth tongue of yours might say you know the way,
But to me you're only actors in a play.

You speak a little truth and draw your listeners in,

That's how your crafty made-up stories all begin.
But this power-tripping game you'll never win,
'Cuz some can add, and we don't buy web you spin.
How can you tell us nothing happened on that night
When we cried to God and we received our sight?
Well, I'm sorry, sir, but you don't have the right
You've pushed it far enough, and now you've got a fight.

You've bullied your way into homes and lives,

And your fur and teeth are cleverly disguised,
Well, here's one verse I think you should try on for size:
"God hides the truth from those who think they're wise."

Jesus said to come to Him just like a child,
And I know you find that concept pretty wild.
It pulls the plug on your theology and style,
And heaven knows that we're allowed to have a smile!

Now I don't do this kind of singing just for spite.

It's 'cuz you've taken heaven's door and slammed it tight.
And millions like me who bowed their hearts one night
Would like to tell you, sir, that you don't have the right.