Author: Brown, Dr Walt
Copyright: 2009
Format: Book - Hardback
ISBN: 978-1-878026-09-5
Publisher: CSC
Size: 448 pp
Weight: 4.6

In the Beginning

$ 29.00

This fascinating work is quite possibly the most complete “creation encyclopedia” published to date! Covering the realms of biological and geological evidences, Dr. Walt Brown’s unparalleled work is based on his biblically based Hydroplate Theory, which some pastors and lay teachers have called the “silver bullet” that completely demolishes and buries evolutionary geology. No other creationist work provides a more comprehensive examination of (and working physical model for) the forces involved in the Genesis Flood—including absolutely brilliant sections on the formation of the Grand Canyon (in weeks, not years), the origin of comets and meteors, and the mysterious origin of radioactive elements in God’s “very good” earth. Though technical in places, the material is highly accessible and can be appreciated by high school, college, and professionals alike.  Eighth edition. 
Part 1:  The Scientific Case for Creation
Part 2:  Fountains of the Great Deep
Part 3:  Frequently Asked Questions