Author: Hunt, Dave
Format: Audio Book
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 2 Discs, 114 min, pub 2006
Weight: 0.3

A Calvinist's Honest Doubts Resolved

$ 10.50

Read by Eric Martin

Based on years of actual accounts and conversations, this "user-friendly" book is excerpted from chapters 30 and 31 of the earliest editions of What Love is This? In Honest Doubts, readers will become familiar with the key issues in a unique format that reads like a real-life drama because the characters are composites of actual individuals, and the circumstances are equally real. Discover the heart of a Calvinist "seeker" —and the surprising result of his quest for truth in the fictionalized but true-to-life dialogue. This friendly, inexpensive paperback is enjoyable to read and great to give away.