Author: Cahill, Mark
Format: Digital Video Disc
Publisher: Mark Cahill Ministries
Size: 1 Disc, 114 min, pub 2010
Weight: 0.2

Holiness of God & Watchman on the Wall

$ 17.50

Holiness of God: The angels around the throne cry out, "Holy, Holy, Holy." What is holiness? How am I supposed to imitate it? Understanding this supreme attribute of God will keep us from sinning, motivate us to witness, and inspire us to praise! 

Watchman on the Wall: As this world continues to seemingly spin out of control, are you sounding the trumpet? Are you challenging people to flee the wrath to come that Luke 3 talks about? Watch this message, and start sounding the alarm!

Mark Cahill speaks to thousands of people each year at conferences, camps, retreats, etc. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows. Mark's favorite thing is to go out and meet people and find out what they believe and why they believe it. You can find him at malls, concerts, festivals, airports, beaches, sporting events, etc., doing just that.