Author: William MacDonald
Format: Book
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
Size: 196 pp, pub 1999
Weight: 0.6

Here's the Difference

$ 12.00

Bringing Important Biblical Distinctions into Focus

Failing to rightly divide the Scriptures (2 Tim 2:15) brings confusion. To "rightly divide" the word of God means to place each verse in its proper context and to understand the distinctions and meaning. This basic biblical reference will help believers to understand such things as "positional truth" and "practice." Learn to recognize the distinctions between Israel and the church and many other subjects. The author provides 96 biblical distinctionsuseful keys for unlocking the treasures of Scriptureincluding: the three tenses of salvation; position and practice; indwelling, baptism, and filling of the Spirit; Israel, the Kingdom, and the church.

Missing key distinctions in the Bible can lead to fuzzy thinking. And that's dangerouseven deadly. This book will bring into clear focus some of the most important teachings in the Word of God.

Here's the Difference provides 96 careful biblical distinctions, including:

  • The Three Tenses of Salvation
  • Position and Practice
  • Indwelling, Baptism, and Filling
  • Israel, the Kingdom, and the Church

William MacDonald has for more than forty years, spoken plainly and written directly about the key issues of Christianity. Leaving a promising business career "at the foot of the Cross," he has traveled worldwide, proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Christ. His more than sixty works published in North America are characterized by a clarity and economy of words that only comes by a major time investment in the Word of God.

Table of Contents:

  1. Three Tenses of Salvation
  2. Aspects of Justification
  3. Aspects of Eternal Life
  4. Atonement Then & Now
  5. Position & Practice
  6. Relationship & Fellowship
  7. Judicial & Parental Forgiveness
  8. The Two Natures
  9. Kinds of Sanctification
  10. The Indwelling, Baptism & Filling
  11. Salvation & Service
  12. Personal Greatness vs. Positional Greatness
  13. Fundamental, Important, or Nonessential Matters
  14. Differing Ages
  15. Major Covenants of Scripture
  16. Israel, the Gentiles & the Church
  17. Law & Grace
  18. The Church & the Kingdom
  19. The Two Comings of Christ
  20. Phases of Christ's Return
  21. The Day of the Lord, the Day of Christ, the Day of God
  22. Double Fulfillments
  23. Seven Judgments
  24. Hades & Hell
  25. Mysteries of Scripture
  26. Aspects of the Glories of Christ
  27. Differences in the Gospels