Author: T. A. McMahon
Format: Digital Video Disc
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 37 minutes
Weight: 0.2

2011 Conference "God's Plan for the Clueless" DVD

$ 9.75

Long time readers—as well as those new to The Berean Call—will appreciate T. A. McMahon’s personal testimony of a life saved and redeemed by grace and God’s abundant mercy, which sovereignly led him to a key supporting role in the ministry of Dave Hunt and, ultimately, to the birth of The Berean Call.

“Born and raised” a Catholic, Thomas Aloysius McMahon recounts his life as the son of a psychiatrist at a state mental health facility, his years of “perpetual learning” at Ohio State University, and his movie-making and marketing experiences at 20th Century Fox—all of which, in God’s providential and loving care, prepared him for service as the Executive Director of The Berean Call ministry. Believers of all ages will be encouraged by Tom’s presentation, which reveals how God can and does guide, direct, and protect those who are “clueless” about His plan and purpose.

Recorded at the 2011 TBC Conference