Author: William MacDonald
Format: Book
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
Size: 160 pp
Weight: 0.6

God Still Speaks

$ 12.00

God has spoken in varied ways to us—by creation, conscience, and circumstances. He has used people, angels, even animals to make His message known.

In this highly readable book, William MacDonald tells more than 30 remarkable stories in which the Lord has spoken to people through Scripture. He writes, “Those who heard the words knew that God had spoken to them, even if others might not have found it so convincing.”

We must be careful when interpreting Scripture, but as Mr. MacDonald explains, the divine Author continues to apply His Word in His own ways to meet His people’s needs.

An encouraging and impacting book both for the new and seasoned believer to read; and a clarion call for each to seek God through His Word for wisdom in all things, and to wait expectantly for Him to answer mightily on the seeking one’s behalf.



  1. How God Speaks
  2. A Second Chance to Witness
  3. A Church Grows in Nashville
  4. Bert's Unequal Yoke
  5. Clear Confirmation
  6. Dwell in the Land
  7. Never Too Old
  8. How God Said Ecuador
  9. Joy in the Morning
  10. Not in Vain
  11. Not unto Death
  12. Seven Words from the Lord
  13. Saved and Satisfied
  14. Saved by a Hair
  15. Self-conscious to the Max
  16. Stephan's Rescue
  17. Flirting with AIDS
  18. The Promise of Salvation
  19. The Vision Will Come
  20. Through Fire and Flood
  21. You Alone, O Lord
  22. The True Boast
  23. Matsuzaki, the Japanese Evangelist
  24. Making it Personal
  25. Delivered from Bondage
  26. How God Helped in Ordering Flowers
  27. The Peace that Passes Understanding
  28. Turn Back
  29. God Misunderstood?
  30. Let the Dead Bury Their Own Dead
  31. An Unlikely Gospel Verso
  32. Serve the Lord with Gladness