Author: Kerby, Carl
Copyright: 2011
Format: DVD
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 58 min
Weight: 0.2

2011 Conference DVD Carl Kerby - Fossils

$ 9.75

Watch Carl Kerby at the 2011 TBC Conference in Bend, Oregon as he talks about "Fossils: Friend or Foe?".

This entertaining talk will challenge the belief that the fossil record supports the teaching of millions of years of evolution. A proper understanding of what the “evidence” shows in the fossil record is vital to having biblical answers in today’s world.

In his fast-paced and quick-witted style, Carl Kerby explains how bias and worldviews affect the way that we see the world around us. With keen insight and humorous examples, he addresses such questions as: “What do fossils really show us?” and “Doesn’t it take millions of years for fossil formation?” and “What about the phylogenetic charts of many animal families ‘proving’ evolution?”

Armed with fresh biblical insight as well as scientific thinking, viewers will learn how to look at and discuss these topics with renewed confidence to impact current and future generations. Whether or not you attended the conference, you won’t want to miss this important message!