Author: Reidhead, Paris
Copyright: 1989
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 1-55661-073-4
Publisher: Bible Teaching Ministries
Size: 175 pp
Weight: 0.5

Finding the Reality of God

$ 7.00

While insisting on a plan of salvation, has the Person of Jesus Christ been neglected?

In his fifty years of ministry as a pastor, missionary, and third-world economic developer, Paris Reidhead came to a broad understanding of the evangelical church. What he discovered deeply disturbed him. Finding the Reality of God will help the reader understand, first, the true meaning and necessity of godly repentance and, second, show how to take part in the abundant life that flows from the throne of God.


  1. Conversion: What Jesus Says About Salvation
  2. Awakening: Some Training for Surgical Nurses
  3. Conviction: Calling It Like It Is
  4. Repentance: Making a 180-Degree Turn
  5. Faith: Seeing With Your Soul
  6. The New Birth: The Blowing of the Wind
  7. Witness of the Spirit: You Tell Me After He Tells You
  8. Temptation and Sin: I Thought I Was a Christian
  9. Victory: Releasing the Power To Win