Author: Batten, Carter, et al.
Copyright: 2014
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-921643-82-8
Publisher: Creation Book Publishers
Size: 272 pp
Weight: 1.3

Evolution's Achilles' Heels

$ 13.00

A powerful book that exposes the fatal flaws of evolutionary thinking. Not all scientists agree that evolution is a valid explanation for how things came to be. Evolution's Achilles' Heels takes another look at the cherished icons behind evolutionary belief—written and reviewed by Ph.D. scientists qualified in their respective fields. Their summaries will help you to examine the evidence for yourself.

Foreword by Dr. Carl Wieland


  1. Natural Selection - Dr. Don Batten
  2. Genetics and DNA - Dr. Robert W. Carter
  3. The Origin of Life - Dr. Jonathan Sarfati
  4. The Fossil Record - Dr. Emil Silvestru
  5. The Geologic Record - Dr. Tas Walker
  6. Radiometric Dating - Dr. Jim Mason
  7. Cosmology - Dr. Joh Harnett
  8. Ethics and Morality - Dr. David Catchpoole & Dr. Mark Harwood