Author: Comfort, Ray
Format: Digital Video Disc
Publisher: Living Waters
Size: 1 Disc, 34 Min, pub 2013
Weight: 0.2

Evolution vs. God

$ 5.00

Are top evolutionary scientists able to convincingly support their theory or do they rely heavily on unfounded assumptions? Join evangelist Ray Comfort as he personally interviews influential evolutionists from major universities (including well-known atheist PZ Myers), seeking their response to probing questions about the evidence for Darwinian evolution.

Not only does Comfort tactically lead the evolutionary scientists to admit that their theory requires copious measures of blind faith, but he also pries similar confessions out of several college students. In one scene, for instance, a young man admits that his belief in the evolutionary theory is "similar" to a religious conviction.

Comfort explains, "Most Christian videos on the subject of evolution normally look at what evolution says and then have a creationist expert dismantle it. That's very effective. But what Evolution vs. God does that is unique is that we didn't interview anyone who believed in Intelligent Design. Every person interviewed believes in evolution...and they are the ones who show that evolution is a fairytale for grownups. This is going to put a massive weapon in the hands of parents in their battle for their kids, because it exposes evolution, using their [own] experts."

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Ray Comfort is a New Zealand-born Christian minister and evangelist. Comfort started Living Waters Publications and The Way of the Master in Bellflower, California and has written and produced a number of books and films.