Author: Dr. Jobe Martin
Copyright: 2006
Format: DVD
Publisher: Biblical Discipleship Ministries
Size: 2 discs, nearly 4 hrs
Weight: 0.8

The Evolution of a Creationist

$ 50.00

For years Dr. Jobe Martin wrestled with the conflicts between the evolutionary theory and the Bible. As a scientist, he was sure he knew the answers. But then his faith, as a Christian, completely changed his life

In this video series, Dr. Martin will point out the distinct differences between evolution and creation. He will take a look at animals that break all the evolutionary "rules." He will examine the many problems with the evolutionary theory and show why the Bible is an excellent book of science.

A great resource for personal or group use!

The 4-part DVD set (on two discs) includes these presentations:

  • "Evolution or Creation...Does It Really Matter What We Believe?" (60 min.)
  • "Fact or Fraud...Is Evolution Evolving?" (56 min.)
  • "Cause or Coincidence...Did Earth Begin with a Purpose or Probability?" (50 min.)
  • "How Young is Earth?" (65 min.)

Also includes a 70-page workbook!