Author: Ruth Hunt
Copyright: 1976, 2005
Format: Book - Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-928660-37-8
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 240 pp
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East Wind

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“Only one who has felt the nearness of death can truly be grateful for each new day, no matter how much suffering it might bring.”  Thus speaks Maria Linke, survivor of nine years’ imprisonment in the death camps and prisons of Stalin’s Russia following World War II.

There have been many “God is faithful amid the horrors of war” stories, and although East Wind fits this description, it is far more than just another war story. The unusual aspects of Maria’s life make this book so arrestingly different. The winsome portrait of a childhood lived on the banks of the Volga River as the daughter of a wealthy pre-Revolution German industrialist . . . The tragedy of banishment to Siberia and life among the nomadic tribes there . . . The flight from a burning Cossack village and escape to Germany during the Russian Revolution . . . Teen years in lively Berlin . . . World War II and her work as an interpreter in the labor camps of Germany . . . Her arrest as a spy by the advancing Russian armies . . . Miraculous escapes from death . . . Romance . . . The infamous Waldeheim trials . . . And transcending it all, the rare sense of humor that could find laughter in the most horrible of circumstances.

East Wind is a powerful book. Historically, its scope is broad. Spiritually, its impact is tremendous. It will be a long time before you find another story that will move you as much as Maria’s.

From the Publisher:

The Berean Call is pleased to present this facsimile of the 1987 paperback. East Wind was first published in 1976 as a hardcover. Our TBC edition includes a special commemorative cover design and includes authentic historical images.

As an apologetics and discernment ministry, TBC encourages the broadcasting and defense of the true Gospel of Christ worldwide and seeks to support the modern persecuted church around the globe. It is our conviction that this true account must be kept in print not only as an inspirational testimony to the faithfulness of God but also as a matter of valuable historical record to the generations unfamiliar with the trials of World War II.

We are grateful to Ruth Hunt for the opportunity to preserve this valuable literary work, and we present it as a true Christian classic for edification, enrichment, and enjoyment.

From the back cover:

Nine years in a Soviet prison camp would seem an eternity to most of us. For Maria, it was an investment in eternity. This is the true story of Maria Zeitner Linke—a story of survival and courage in the death camps of Stalin’s Gulag after World War II. But more than that, it is the story of how one woman turned her sorrow into an opportunity for growth, ministry, and strengthened commitment to Jesus Christ. In nine years, Maria moved through six different camps, including the infamous Buchenwald, which the Soviets had taken over from the Nazis after the war. In the process, Maria touched the lives of many people and helped them turn their own mourning into dancing. This book, which will remind many readers of the works of Corrie ten Boom and Alexander Solzhenitsyn, offers encouragement and hope to anyone who has ever wondered, “How would I react if my faith were really put to the test?” It comes to terms with the true meaning of “practicing patience in tribulation.”

Reader reviews:

“The insights into the camp life of the Gulag are raw and compelling, yet enterspersed with moments of warmth and humor and even romance. Over it all extends the unrelenting love of a faithful God, who turned prison into a spiritual revival of Maria and a new birth for many others. By God’s grace this very ordinary woman was enabled to serve Christ in prison in a way she never had in freedom.” —Rev. Richard Wurmbrand (author of Tortured for Christ)

East Wind carries with it a greater power. A power for good. Without being unreal-rosy, and without being oversimplified or watery, the Christian faith is there, firm and true.” —The Banner

“It . . . will not be easily forgotten.” —The Saints Herald

East Wind is the best book to come out of concentration camp life since The Hiding Place. Its style of writing is beautiful, and its message is spellbinding. Here’s a book you probably won’t be able to put down.” —Tom Haughey on KVMV-fmMcAllen, Texas

East Wind is an exciting book that is even more powerful and more horrifying than Hansi . . . or The Hiding Place.” —Doris RikkersInsight

About the author: Ruth Hunt was born in 1926 and raised in a godly home. Her family tree goes way back to a Mennonite ancestry in the Netherlands. Her father became a beloved preacher among these fervent believers. Ruth followed her university graduation with teaching and administrative careers. A highlight was her God-blest marriage to author/lecturer David Hunt and the gift of four lovely children. Ruth lovingly cared for David until his passing in April 2013 and followed him Home in October of the same year. To the end of their sojourn here, Ruth and David declared with heartfelt thanks that "The eternal God is [their] refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms" Deuteronomy 33:27.

Maria Zeitner Linke was born in Russia in 1908 to German parents and spent six years of her childhood in the rugged work camps of Siberia. She came to the United States in 1957 and became a citizen in 1963. She died of cancer in 1978.

Table of Contents:

  1. Flight
  2. "Hang Her"
  3. Volga Idyll
  4. By Sleigh to Siberia
  5. Of Bricks and Easter Bells
  6. Flames over Werch Kisilsk
  7. A New Beginning
  8. Interrogation
  9. An Interpreter Again
  10. Back to Berlin -- and Beyond
  11. Freedom at a Price
  12. Life and Death at Landsberg
  13. "First You'll Sign"
  14. Khorobrov's Bullets
  15. Lipstick -- and a Smile for the Bishop
  16. Waldheim
  17. The Trial
  18. From a Murderess -- With Love
  19. Cathedral of Invalids
  20. A Plot that Failed
  21. Friedland
  22. Epilogue

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