Author: Jay Seegert
Copyright: 2013
Format: DVD
Publisher: Creation Education Center
Size: 60 min
Weight: .2

Creation in Six Days

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This talk presents a response to those in the Christian community who have felt it necessary to reinterpret the straightforward reading of Genesis in order to accommodate either evolution as a whole or at least the "millions of years" that are typically associated with the idea of evolution. They either say that God simply "used evolution as His means of creation" or that He "created everything over millions and millions of years" (i.e., the "days" in Genesis chapter one were actually millions of years each). In this message, both scripture and science are examined and reasons why we should trust the straightforward reading are presented in a very gracious but confident manner.

Jay Seegert is the cofounder and principal lecturer for the Creation Education Center and author of Let There Be Light. He holds degrees in physics and engineering and has been speaking on the authority of Scripture for nearly three decades.