Author: Hunt/Fastiggi/et al
Format: Audio - CD or mp3
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 15 CDs or 1 mp3, 15.5 hrs
Weight: 1.3

The Catholic Debates

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This fascinating series includes 7 powerful debates!

These discussions are truly timeless and insightful for believers desiring to share the Good News of Christ with family and friends, or who simply want to be "ready to give an answer" to the 1 in 4 Americans who call themselves Catholic.

Featuring Dave Hunt in 7 debates with Catholic apologists Robert Fastiggi, Keith Fournier, Karl Keating, Gerry Matatics, and Robert Sungenis, this series provides an ear- and heart-opening education to all who listen.

Available on CD or MP3, 16.5 hours.


  • Hunt vs. Matatics - Roman Catholicism: Is it Another Gospel?
  • Hunt vs. Fournier - Roman Catholicism: Is it Evangelical?
  • Hunt vs. Keating - Roman Catholic Church History: Can it be Seen in the Early Church?
  • Hunt vs. Fastiggi - St. Peter: Is he the the First Pope?
  • Hunt vs. Fastiggi - Justification: Is it by Faith Alone?
  • Hunt vs. Fastiggi - The Eucharist: Is it the Body and Blood of Christ?
  • Hunt vs. Sungenis - Roman Catholic Salvation: Is it Affirmed by the Bible?