Author: Cameron, Don
Copyright: 2004
Format: Book - Softcover
Publisher: Lulu
Size: 148 pp
Weight: 0.3

Captives of a Concept

$ 17.00

“You’ll never get sick. You will never grow old. You will never die.”

Although the above words come from the movie Cocoon, they could have come from the Watchtower Society, because this is the same thing they have been proclaiming for decades as part of “the Creator’s promise of a peaceful and secure new world that is about to replace the present wicked, lawless system of things.”

This very appealing prospect attracts many people to begin studying the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses. But during the course of their study, they are drawn into the delusionary teachings of the Watchtower organization and gradually lose their ability to discern truth from lies.

Captives of a Concept offers suggestions about how to help Jehovah’s Witnesses and how to show them the truth about their religion. 


  1. The Concept
  2. Matthew 24:45-47: Most Important Scripture in Watchtower Theology
  3. Teachings Jesus Examined
  4. Matthew 24:47 - The Most Important Event in Watchtower History
  5. The One Mistake All Jehovah's Witnesses Have Made
  6. Who I "God's Organization"?
  7. No False Teachings or Prophecies -Why Not
  8. Using the Bible to Keep Themselves Captive
  9. Watchtower Propaganda Keeps Them Captive
  10. Why Jehovah's Witnesses Have Unity of Belief
  11. The Final Authority of Watchtower Teachings
  12. What They Say Is Not What They Always Do
  13. Who Molds Their Thinking?
  14. "Slaves of Men or Servants of God?"
  15. Bible or Watchtower Trained Conscience - Which?
  16. What If This Was Another Religion?
  17. No Honorable Way Out of the Watchtower Religion
  18. The Internet - The Watchtower's Worst Nightmare
  19. The Key To Their Escape
  20. Evidence Alone Is Not Enough
  21. Correcting Their Mistake
  22. When Illusion Meets Up With Reality