Author: Hession, Roy
Format: Book
Publisher: CLC Publications
Size: 131 pp, pub 2013
Weight: 0.3

The Calvary Road

$ 6.50

An updated edition of missionary and evangelist Roy Hession's classic 1950 work in which he profiles the nature of religious revival and lays out the prerequisites and consequences of the activity of God in the heart of the hungry seeker. Roy Hession was convicted of his own need for spiritual renewal as he heard the testimony of church leaders from East Africa then experiencing revival. This book is the result of that testimony. Hession shows how brokenness, humility, and repentance prepare our hearts to receive the fullness God wants us to have. Seize this opportunity to learn how Jesus can fill you with His Spirit through brokenness, repentance, and confession.


  1. Brokenness
  2. Cups Running Over
  3. The Way of Fellowship
  4. The Highway of Holiness
  5. The Dove and the Lamb
  6. Revival in the Home
  7. The mote and the Beam
  8. Are You Willing to Be a Servant?
  9. The Power of the Blood of the Lamb
  10. Protesting Our Innocence?

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